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Alyce Tipton lives on Brantley Gordon Road and the road is named after her Grandfather "Brantley Gordon".  Alyce and her husband have a small farm at what was once "the old home-place" that is now their "new/old" home-place.  

The original "home-place" is now a tiny cabin aptly named, "Maw and Paps Tiny Cabin" that can be rented through the website airbnb for a quaint and peaceful stay in the country.  

Alyce is active in the community through the Farmer Civitans Club, the Farmer Historic Preservation Society and the Denton Artisans Guild.  In addition Alyce is a hairdresser and has a small shop at home where she sees many regular clients as well as new ones too.

Gallery of images showing Maw and Paps Tiny Cabin.    click on image to enlarge 

Alyce Tipton

6851 Brantley Gordon Road

​Denton, NC 27239


email: tipton.alyce@gmail.com

Maw and Pap's Tiny Cabin