​​​​​​​​Denton Artisans  Guild

Denton Artisans Guild

~ Painting by Barbara Ann Hogan​.

Barbara Ann Hogan:

A true Denton Citizen, born and raised in Denton and active in the community.  She served on the town council for many years, she is a busy substitute teacher for the school system, the vice-president of our Artisans Guild and a local artist who has painted on the surface of many things; trash cans, glass windows, wine bottles, walls......and of course canvas.  

​Barbara Ann hosts monthly painting classes that are designed for all levels of artists, it does not matter if you have been painting for years or have never painted before.  She supplies the canvas, brushes, paints and all the encouragement and help you could want.  One of her favorite things to tell her students is........."Relax and have fun."

One of Barbara's Classes 

~ Pencil drawing by Barbara Ann Hogan​.

Barbara Ann Hogan:

316 West First Street

Denton, North Carolina 27239

336-859-4269 home

336-596-4323 cell