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Websites: CubeCarolinas.com andCubeHydroPartners.com

Clean & Safe

Our approach is to develop clean, renewable energy sources – without building new dams. We utilize environmentally sensitive technology and tools, such as fish-safe turbines and habitat-friendly design. Besides being safe to the environment, the projects we invest in are less expensive to build and have less regulatory risks. Hydropower is the natural choice.Type your paragraph here.

Press Release  (2/2/17)  : Cube Hydro Carolinas, an affiliate of Cube Hydro Partners, acquires four hydroelectric power plants in North Carolina.  click here for more 

Off the Chart Potential

Demand for electricity is steadily growing, as is the desire for more renewable, carbon-free energy sources. Cube Carolinas believes that hydropower is a critical component of the United States’ strategy to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and move toward clean, renewable energy sources. In 2010, hydropower produced 62% of total U.S. renewable electricity generation. The National Hydropower Association estimates that the U.S. can double its hydroelectric power by 2030 in an environmentally safe and sound manner.Type your paragraph here.