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Old Fashioned - Friendly - Family Fun!

Saturday August 5th, 2017 - 9am - 1pm 

Harrison Park, West Salisbury Street, Denton, NC

Our Watermelon Contests are free to enter and open to everyone.  It's about having FUN!

Watermelon Eating Contest - Contestants will have 90 seconds to eat a huge piece of watermelon with your hands behind your back.  The winner is the person who eats the most of their watermelon or the person who finishes down to the rind first.  Winners receive a free watermelon and a festival t-shirt. Separate kids and adult divisions.

Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest - Each contestant is given a slice of watermelon and they will spit the seeds from their slice.  There will be one contest for distance where the contestant gets to spit four seeds and we will measure the farthest seed.  And one contest for accuracy where the contestant will also spit four seeds and they will be aiming at a bullseye about four foot away....a bowl is the bullseye and there will be two rings one foot out and two foot out around it.  20 points for each seed in the bowl, 10 points for the first ring, 5 points for the next ring.  We will total the points.  Winners receive a free watermelon and a festival t-shirt.  Separate kids and adult divisions.

Watermelon Crawl Contest - Our contestants will line up with a watermelon in front of them......they have to roll the watermelon with their head only while on their hands and knees across a 20 yard stretch of grass across the finish line.  Winners receive a free watermelon and a festival t-shirt. Separate kids and adult divisions.

Largest Homegrown Watermelon Contest - Bring your largest homegrown watermelon and have it weighed on our farm scale.  The person with the heaviest watermelon will receive a trophy, their name on a plaque that will list each years winners and watermelon weight, a festival t-shirt and big time bragging rights for a whole year.

Face Painting and Temporary Tattoos - There will be a face painting and temporary tattoo booth for kids (and adults) who want to look festive.  We have several very good young adult artists who will be painting and applying tattoos.  Price will vary based on size and detail of face painting and or how many tattoos.  ($2-$5)  

What's a Festival without Great Festival Food?  We've got it covered! - Available for purchase we will have watermelon by the slice, cotton candy, sno-cones, popcorn, hot-dogs, sausage dogs and nachos, chips, pork skins, yummy baked goods, watermelon lemon-aid, bottled water and cold drinks. Come ready to pig out! 

Festival T-Shirts - Quality "Quick Dry"  Watermelon Festival T-shirts will be available for purchase. These shirts are going to be a big hit, two colors to choose from.  $12.95 each.   

Dunking Booth - Do you have a good pitching arm?  Come try your hand at dunking some of Denton's finest.  We are working on our lineup of prominent Denton citizens and hope to have a different one each half hour.  Do you know someone you'd like to volunteer?  Let us know and we'll see if we can persuade them to take a turn, after all it's for a good cause.  $1/throw 

​Cornhole Tournament- Who doesn't love a fun game of Cornhole?  Tournament will be run using ACO (American Cornhole Organization) tournament rules.  Cost to enter will be $20 per team.  Prize money will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place along with a festival t-shirt.  Cash prize money will be half of the entry fees taken in.  

Watermelon Pageant - We will be crowning both a Watermelon Princess ( 6 to 12 years old) and

Queen (13 to 18 years old).  To enter the Watermelon Pageant contestants are asked to perform an act of community service and then write a short essay about it.  To clarify.....an act of community service is anything done for someone or something outside of themselves.  This could be reading a story to kids at Sunday school, making cookies and taking them to a Senior Center and visiting with the residents, picking up trash in the park, volunteering at an event of any type.  The top three finalists for both Princess and Queen will be invited to compete at the Watermelon Festival on August 5th where we will crown the Watermelon Princess and Queen.  Click here for pageant guidelines and entry form. 

Vendors:  Our Vendors will be set up at "The Market at Harrison Park" directly across the street    (it's just a two lane road in a one horse town) from Harrison Park.  The rest rooms are on that side of the street so don't worry everyone will make there way over there too.  Some spaces will be under a farmers market style shelter and some will be in the area around the shelter.  We will let you know your location ahead of time.  Spaces are 10'x10' and cost is $20 per space and electricity is available for $10 additional.   


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