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Watermelon Festival Pageant Guidelines:

Our Pageant is designed to focus on community involvement, self confidence and poise.


There are two age groups;  age 6 to 12 (Princess) and age 13 - 18 (Queen). Our Pageant if free to enter.  Well...........it will cost you an act of kindness or community service and you will have to take a few minutes to write us about it.  

Step One:  Enter using the electronic form below, entering is free.   Once you send us your contact information we will contact you to ask if you have any questions or need any clarification in regards to our Watermelon Festival Pageant.  

Step Two:  Complete an act of kindness or community service.  This is not intended to be complicated. Any act of kindness or community service is something that benefits the common good, your community or another person.  Something done for someone or something besides yourself.  This could be as simple as reading a book to kids at Sunday school, going to a Senior Center and visiting with the residents, picking up trash in a park, volunteering at any event without being paid, baking cookies and taking them to a neighbor to say hello and get to know them. Buying a meal for the person behind or in front of you in line at a restaurant.  The ideas are only limited by your imagination.   Then write a short half page to full page essay explaining what you did and how it made you feel.  We realize that some younger children are not very good writers yet.  Their parents are more than welcome to write their story for them, just interview them and write what they tell you, please let us know you assisted or not.  This will not count against them.  Email your story to us at info@DentonArtisansGuild.org

Deadline for completed entries is July 23, 2017.  Use the online form below to submit your entry information and then submit your completed story via email.  Email your story or questions to info@DentonArtisansGuild.org   We will notify the top four entries in each age group by July 25, 2017 and they will be invited to compete in the Watermelon Festival Pageant on August 5th at Harrison Park in Denton, North Carolina.  Contestants will need to be available the evening before to meet and learn the opening number for our Pageant.  Day of girls will will meet at 8 am for interviews and then at 9 am they will all preform for the opening of our Watermelon Festival.  Then they will change into their casual wear watermelon themed outfits and appear on stage one by one introducing themselves and telling a little about themselves and what their act of kindness or community service was.  

Our pageant finalists will be judged on their interview, poise and self confidence; their appearance (casual dress with a watermelon festival theme)  and the way they present themselves throughout the pageant events.


We will have three judges and a Master of Ceremonies and we will be crowning a Watermelon Festival "Princess" and "Queen", there will be a first runner up for each and all pageant contestants will be awarded sashes, given flowers and awarded a gift bag.  

Our reigning Princess and Queen will each be awarded a professional photography session valued at $500 and other prizes will be announced as sponsors are rounded up.  In addition our reigning Watermelon Princess and Queen will have several events throughout the year to attend.  They will need to attend the Denton Street Festival in September, be in Denton's Christmas Parade, attend the Veterans Day festival and will represent Denton at other events throughout the year.  



Entry Form - fill out and make sure to hit the submit button at the bottom.

Watermelon Festival Pageant Guidelines and Entry Form